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According to the Pew Hispanic Center, between 1993 and 2003, the total number of children enrolled in U.S. public schools increased by about 4.7 million, to 46.6 million. Hispanics accounted for 3 million of those additional students, or 64% of the increase. Despite this tremendous growth, however, by age 26, 38 percent of white high school completers have attained a bachelor’s degree, in comparison to 18 percent of Hispanic high school completers.

There are myriad reasons for these statistics, most of which are beyond the scope of our organization. But we can help those Hispanics students who would otherwise continue their education but for the lack of money. As we all know, the costs of higher education have been rising exponentially, even in state universities. This actuality has increasingly put college out of reach for many Hispanics, perpetuating the lack of opportunities that are the result of not having a degree.

The Hispanic, Educational and Scholarship Fund (Hispanic ECS Fund) provides assistance to these highly qualified and highly motivated students who recognize the importance of extending their education beyond high school by awarding yearly scholarships ranging from $1000 - $3000. These scholarships often make the difference between starting college right after high school, and its postponement or complete abandonment.

The Hispanic ECS Fund depends on generous donors to provide the funds for these scholarships. These donations take the form either of direct giving, or participation in some of the Hispanic ECS Fund's programs, for example, our popular Hispanic Day at the Ballpark, sponsored by the St. Louis Cardinals.

A successful, stable society depends on having an educated populace. Please consider sponsoring a scholarship. Besides providing for the education of a deserving student, your organization will also receive the following benefits:

* Scholarship named per the donor's wishes

* Inclusion in all publicity generated by the Hispanic ECS Fund

* Professionally written press release for use by the organization

Also, please know that 95% of all monies received by the Hispanic ECS Fund go directly to funding scholarships. Give to the Hispanic ECS Fund

If you would like to support the mission of the HispanicECS Fund in making a better life for young Hispanics through higher education, please, DOWNLOAD THE GIFT FORM (click here) AND MAIL IT TO US.

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To make a contribution with your credit card, please, use our PayPal button above or complete the Credit Card Contribution Form, available below. If you need further assistance in making your gift, please contact Rafael Nun Marin, President, at 636-447-0255.


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Your completed Credit Card Contribution Form may be sent: By Fax to: 314-963-6019, Attention Hispanic ECS Fund Donor Services Or by mail to: Donor Services Hispanic ECS Fund PO BOX 411872 St. Louis, MO 63141.

Gifts to the Hispanic Educational, Cultural and Scholarship Fund are tax deductible where permissible by law.

The Hispanic Educational, Cultural and Scholarship Fund (Hispanic ECS Fund), is a Missouri nonprofit corporation. It is a public benefit entity organized for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Hispanic ECS Fund was created on the 3rd day of August of 1998.

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